Dreamed Native Ancestry (DNA) docked at Arts Catalyst HQ in Cromer Kings Cross from the 23rd November 2017 until the 27th January 2018.
This latest emanation of the Mission//Misplaced Memory project was in collaboration with arts organisation Arts Catalyst and audio visual artists Dubmorphology. 
We relished the opportunity to be resident for such an extended period with an interactive installation that included visitor memory gathering, talks and events, sound performances and a visual installation.
The Mission
The Mission crew travelled back from the future. There, the human population is dying out due to a quest for genetic homogeneity, which has led to a weakened and diseased human race. Cultural accumulation has ceased and humanity’s knowledge growth, technological advancement and story-making capabilities have come to a standstill. Future humanity is on the brink of extinction. The Mission crew is tasked to travel through time, collecting samples, stories and knowledge from the cultural and genetic richness of humanity’s past – particularly at points of concentrated migration and cultural exchange – to deposit in a vast human memory vault that will re-seed the human race of the future.
The Setting


During an 8-week residency, the Mission artists brought together the diverse King’s Cross community with artists, scientists and experts to re-think urgent contemporary issues around race, migration and culture and their public perception. An interactive installation collected and shared ancestry stories and memories of migration through sound recordings, images, physical artefacts, films, music, performances and discussions. Artists and experts were invited to contribute to archives and conversations about the cultural and technological transformations that have occurred following migration movements through history. 

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